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  • Well let's see...I'm 14 year's old and have my own two website's: This one is about a book that I'm currently writing and though it's not finished please feel free to join! and is my site of Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Please join! I'm sure you'll have fun! XD
    I'm not a big fan of Gang's and people who think there better than everyone else. I also can't stand people who put others down to bring each other up. I love to draw, though I'm not that good. I'm an easy person to become a friend with,though the same is for enemy's. I'm fixing to head off to be a freshman so if you've got any detail's about that please feel free to fill me in on that! (I have a tendency to say things and do things i shouldn't) I'm happy most of the time and can be "beepy" when I'm ticked. So if that wasn't enough for you please feel free to message me or add me as a friend!

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    Hello, as you know already I'm Cassie Jo. I'm 14 and in High-school. I LOVE Lara Croft Tomb Raider! I listen to Evanescence more than anything, and i love to make new friends! [that's a hint!] I have one dog, he's a Shi-tzu named Bunny Fluffy ear Davillo. [8 year old sister named him] and 'Davillo is a mixtureof my last name, and my mom's last name. [Davenport and Aiello (eye-EL-O)] I belive in the Paranormal, watch all the amazeing show's: Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Hunters International, and every once in a while i'll do what ever that's spooky thats on TV. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I'm short for my age. I want to be a Police Officer when i'm older, but then again i want to go threw any feild i can in the Criminal Justice force. [ex: detective, lutenit, sheriff-yeah the whole bitt!] Like i've said already, i'm Obsessed with Tomb Raider, and currently awaiting for the new movie that's coming out fo rit in i dont know Umm, let's see: i live with my mom, i love to go on the Computer ALL the time. I DON'T do drugs, so you can forget about asking me to do so or have sex with you-I'm one of those GOOD kids. I try my best in school-if you looked at my grades you'd say different, but hey, i've got a plan for the you? [smile!!!] I've only had one Boyfriend in my lifetime, havn't had my first kiss, and as you mite have guessed-i'm still a virgin. [and plan on still being one until im married!] I can make alot of friends, and make enimy's just as easily: just depends on my mood that day. I'm hated and I'm loved, isn't that what goes on in this world? speaking of world-i HATE people littering or the global warming thing, and i DON'T belive the world is going to end in 2 year's either, i'll probably laugh in your face of you say it will too. I like animals, but spiders and snakes is something i have a problem with. I can't go without my eye-linner or my hair straightener. I'm a horrible speller, as you allready may have noticed, and everyonce in a while my grammer will suck too. I belive STRONGLY in God, i think he's the best thing i look orward to thinking about and talking to every day! I've seen 'ghosts' or 'spirits' or what ever you want to call them, and i also think i've seen an Angel! [yeah i know you dont belive me] I have an 8 year old sister, a 5 year old half brother, and a step brother who's a year older than me, he's 15. I live in the 'ghetto' and plan of moving out of it VERY soon! I love weekends after a hard working week at school, and after 9 week's test, trust me: i need them! I get stressed out alot, over little stuff to and i try by best to study for things, but some how it just doesnt work out for me. I'm a Freshman in Highschool, i forgot to mention that earlier. People say i look alot like the charater 'Amanda Evert' from tomb raider, so if your a tomb raider fan please post your opinion! [They also tell me everyone in a while that i look like Amy Lee from Evanescence when i had my hair a darker color not to long ago-i've got pictures of you want to se them] well, i'll right more later, fingers are starting to urt so if you want to talk to me send me that friend request or a message if your already a friend or just want to say hi. and lets get this straight..i'm not 'bi' or 'lesbian': i've got nothign wrong with you guys, [or girls] who liek the same sex, but when i get perverted messages from you, it freaks me out a little-then i reply back to you saying i'll report you if you do anything like that again.. Bye, and really-dont be afraid to say hi, i dont bite..hard.

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