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Thursday, April 10th 2008, 6:45pm

The Legend of Avalon

A short story by Grabräuberin

the legend of Avalon

It was laid down, the legend of Avalon. Avalon is an island in the middle of nowhere. A place, where fog is everywhere. Avalon is meant as “fog-hidden”, it probably is in Britain. Probably Glastonbury, a place in England, is Avalon, but nobody could really confirm that Glastonbury it is. King Arthur, a kelto-british king in Britain, went after his wound to Avalon. But what is it for a mysterious thing in the middle of Glastonbury? When the full moon is shining and fog is on the ground, then this thing is shining, too. There are many vertically ordered stones. They are all around a little stone. This little stone – an access to Avalon? The little stone has a lot of mysterious signs.
It was a very dark and cold night. Fog was on the ground, around this stone place. Someone had observed how a person disappeared in this stone which was shining. After these happenings, he examined this stone, but he could not find anything. No hole, no door to another world and no way to Avalon. Suddenly, the full moon disappeared behind black clouds, after five minutes, the full moon was shining again, but this stone stopped shining.

One day later, this person returned with a group of archaeologists. They examined this place, with failure, of course. That night, this person saw again how another person disappeared in this mysterious stone. The stone was shining, too. The man who saw it could not explain to himself. ´Who is this person who disappears constantly?´, came to that man’s mind who had seen this show. The man ran to this stone, but nowhere was a passage of the stone. ´How is it possible?´, another thought. He examined this stone more exactly and suddenly he found a little amulet on the ground, in front of this spot, where the mysterious person had disappeared. The amulet was round with a hole in the middle and it was thin and made of gold. On one side, it had a red precious stone, it was a little ruby. At the next evening, the same show happened again. The shining stone, the full moon and the fog on the ground were all there, but this time that person who wanted to disappear, had a book under his left arm. He waved something around his right arm and he spoke unknown words. The other person had never heard that before. After having spoken these words he put the book aside and took an amulet out of his pocket of his long coat and spoke unknown words once more. This person disappeared again in this stone. ´Hey, he had forgotten his book!´, he thought. He went to this book which was put in front of the stone and touched it. The book was very old and smelt mouldered. He leafed through the book and found a lot of comic, magic formulas and he found also pictures of a place which was made of fog. “Avalon!”, he said. He could not believe what he saw. The stone was shining more.

…After a few minutes, he woke up. It was a lot of hours for him. He stood up and saw that he was in front of a huge window without any glass. He looked out of the window and saw a huge lake with a big island. Fog was on the ground. The man was in a house. It was a big castle, he thought and it was bright on the outside. This room was very huge and it was dark, it had few candle stands, but it had a lot of huge windows. The man looked around himself, but it was very dark. He climbed out of the window and ran away, because of the fog he couldn’t see anything, but he ran to a big lake. ´Avalon!´, he thought again. ´What is the way to my home?´, he was afraid of it. Suddenly, a monk passed and saw him. “This is not Avalon, this is a nightmare!”, he said and he looked very angry. The man ran away, ran on to this lake, but fog hindered him a little bit. The monk followed him. “Avalon is a myth, comprehend it!”, the monk said it loudly. Now the man stood in front of the lake and the island in the middle was very huge. “Is it Avalon?”, he asked. “Avalon is a myth! This is Glastonbury!” After this statement the man scared and woke up again. ´Hm? I am back!´, he was back near the place with these stones. It was dark and cold again. He saw a person in the middle of the stones who disappeared again. Avalon is a legend or is it somehow true? The man has dreamed, maybe it was the power of the person who disappear constantly. Avalon isn't a second world. Glastonbury has always fog, because of the surroundings. “Hey, the book!”, he said. The same pictures of Avalon and the same magic formulas.
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