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Story (15) Because the Night

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Friday, July 2nd 2010, 1:04am

Because the Night

Neil Burns (Neilcroy)

based on 1978 Bruce Springsteen song. sung later by 10,000 Maniacs (1983) and Cascada (2008)

Chase Carver entered his condo exhausted from a long, boring reception sponsored by the
UCLA Archeological Department. Of, course his date Lady Lara Croft was in heaven. At the
very least, the food was decent.

"Lara owes me big for this," the mercenary said to himself as entered the bedroom and peeled
off his suit and tie, kicking off his shoes in the process, leaving only his boxers and socks.

Suddenly, he felt an arm around his throat and his left arm forced upward into his back.

"Said the spider to the fly," a familiar posh-accented alto tickled his ears, " 'Won't you step
into my parlor'?"

Before he could react, he found himself flying onto the bed and forced facing the ceiling.
His arms were forced through the bars of the headpiece and his hands were handcuffed
by his masked assailant who straddled him sporting a black skintight rubber footed catsuit,
revealing the figure to be female. The woman took off her mask, revealing a rather smugly
grinning Lara Croft.

"Good evening, Chase." Lara purred.

"Lara?!" Chase laughed. 'The nerve of this bitch!'

"No, love. It's Angelina Jolie."

"Right! I wish."

"She wanted to come, you know, but--"

"But, she's too busy getting screwed by Pitt and adopting her nine hundredth kid from
some Third World country whose name I can't even pronounce."

"A man can dream, right?" Lara lightly tapped the American's nose.

"Yeah. Not that I'm complaining, darling, but there is this amazing new invention called
the 'doorbell'. You press a button and a bell or buzzing lets the person inside that they
have a visitor."

"But, where's the fun in that?"

"Another thing. Your kinky fetishes. Your little sex games are your business. What
happens in the Manor stays in the Manor. However, I am not that into bondage."

"Don't knock it until you tried it, Chase," the Tomb Raider purres as her hands began
to rub up and down Chase's chest. "Alex seemed to enjoy it when I visited him."

"Well, Al and I may be related on my mother's side, but we are two totally different

"Of course, you are. You weren't enjoying yourself tonight, were you? I could tell."

Lara began to gently stroke his hair.

"Gee!" Chase snorted. "What was your first clue? I have never been so fucking bored in
my life! I mean old farts yapping away about Ancient Persia and how they invented the
first crapper. Who the hell cares!"

"I'm sorry."

Chase felt his face tingling as warm soft lips kissed his forehead. Lara raised her head
and picked up the stereo remote from the bedside table and pressed the CD button.

"Let me make it up to you."

Suddenly, a minor piano key played and led into the Bruce Springsteen/Patty Smith
1978 hit "Because The Night".

Take me down, baby
here as I am
Hold me close
try and understand

The Tomb Raider started to grind against Chase as she lip synched the words, her
fingerless gloved hands rubbing his chest up and down. Suddenly, her hands grabbed
his blonde mop of hair as those warm lips pressed against his and gently, but firmly
kissed his.

Because the night
belongs to lovers
Because the night
belongs to lust

Chase's lips tingled at the sensation as he pressed, but Lara had already lifted hers
off his.

"No, love. Not until I say so."

"Oh, you're a BITCH!" Chase groaned as said bitch continued to gyrate and tease
his stiffening groin.

"And you love it, Carver," Lara cooed sweetly.

The Tomb Raider's fingers locked into his hair as her grinding continued to torture
and tease him as her tongue slowly and cruelly licked and explored his ears and his
cheeks. Lara cooed as she softly and gently began nibbling the mercenary's ear.

"Mmmm, Chase. You taste so good. I could eat you all up!"

"Lovely!" Chase retorted. "I'm not even human. Just a piece of meat to use and
throw away like yesterday's garbage."

"Welcome to my world, pet. Now you know how I feel."

"So, would I be going out on a limb by assuming you finally forgive me for stealing
those coins from you to pay my gambling debts, or are you still holding that over
my head. I can only apologize for it so many times, darling."

"Not yet," Lara replied as she kissed his forehead, then his nose. "However, I am
considering it so it looks promising."

"Well," Chase smiled. "Promising is good. In fact, it's very good."

"Make me dinner and your chances will increase exponentially, Mr. Carver."

"Are you serious?"

Lara's finger glided up and down his cheek and jawline.

"I am. In fact, make me dinner and I'll consider the whole bloody business
completely forgotten."

"Well, I can't promise five-star cuisine, although you obviously are used to
eating less appetizing things to survive or 'peasant food' I ain't Gordon Ramsey or
Guy Fieri, but I think I can whip up something at least half-edible."

"I can hardly wait."

"Does seven work for you or would you rather make it at eight?"

"Seven works fine. Now, shut up and kiss me, Carver!"

"Yes, ma'm! No need to tell me twice!"

Lara's grinding continued as she slid her hands under Chase's head and grabbed the
headframe. She then slid her legs out from under herself and lowered her body until
she was lying on top of him. The dam broke as the song about hot passionate nights
climaxed. Lara rammed her lips onto Chase's again and the two kissed fiercely and
passionately. The American slid his hands out of the cuffs, thanks to a key taped
to the side of the frame facing the wall, and grabbed Lara tightly as the steamy
hot passion smoldered and burned into the night.

THE END[/ffstory]

ta-daa! hope we like. comments are welcome and showers and cigarettes are available :D
Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmare, son, while you're resting your head.--