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Lara Croft

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Wednesday, April 28th 2010, 10:27am

Artwork Galleries

As you might have noticed, this forum has a gallery to which users can upload their artwork and lookalike photos.

In order to do so, you need to apply to a usergroup allowed to access the gallery.
Just apply in the following thread:
Gallery Access

But make sure you have understood the rules.

By applying to the usergroup and uploading your images, you give us the permission for displaying them in these forums as well as on until you remove the images via the interface.

For now the images are only displayed in the forum gallery, but they will be available via the website (were they reach more viewers) in the near future.



A few first words: In this manual I will provide links to several parts of the forum or the galleries that might not work if you are using a different alias of the web address for login. I will be using as base address. If you login via or any other address, you may be logged out when following the links. A workaround is either to change the address in your browsers address bar manually to whatever you are using, or to simply log in to as well.

Where do you find the galleries?
1. You can follow the link "Gallery" provided in the header menu, in which case you will get to the gallery for all users, not only your own images.

2. OR: You go to your public profile. ("public" as opposed to the private profile where you can change your settings. To get there, click on your username. E.g. next to one of your postings or in the left corner at the top of the page, above the banner.) On your profile page then click "Gallery".

Keep it organised
To keep everything organised and make if easier to browse your galleries, please stick to the naming conventions we have decided upon.

You can pick one of the following top categories:
  • Wallpapers
  • Screenshots
  • Artworks
  • Cosplay
  • Other Art

"Other Art" is for photos of anything you have created like self-made statues or other Tomb Raider items.

Each of these categories (except Cosplay and Wallpapers) has a few sub categories:

  • Drawings
  • CGs
  • Composites
  • XNA

Drawings = hand drawn images
CGs = computer generated images
Composites = manipulated images, compositions of several source images
XNA = images created using the XNA program

  • Tomb Raider
  • Tomb Raider II
  • Tomb Raider III
  • The Last Revelation
  • Chronicles
  • AoD
  • Legend
  • Anniversary
  • Underworld
  • Custom Levels

A complete list of all possible albums:
  • Wallpapers
  • Screenshots: Tomb Raider
  • Screenshots: Tomb Raider II
  • Screenshots: Tomb Raider III
  • Screenshots: The Last Revelation
  • Screenshots: Chronicles
  • Screenshots: AoD
  • Screenshots: Legend
  • Screenshots: Anniversary
  • Screenshots: Underworld
  • Screenshots: Custom Levels
  • Artworks: Drawings
  • Artworks: CGs
  • Artworks: Composites
  • Artworks: XNA
  • Cosplay

When creating an album, please stick to the naming conventions explained above. This is important, because otherwise features planned for the future will not work and visitors will not be able to browse your images, and you don't want that, do you?

How to create an album
Before starting to upload your images, you should always create an album.

Go to your private gallery as explained above (click on your name and then on "Gallery") and click on "Add new Album".

Name is according to the rules, separating top and sub categories with a ":". E.g. if you want to add an artwork gallery with your drawings, enter. Artworks: Drawings

You can change incorrect album names at any time.

How to add images
Once you have created an album, you can upload your images to the galleries.

file size
If your images are too big, our webspace may reach its limits and the gallery has to be closed for new entries, so please make sure the size of your uploaded files is reasonable. Each user has a certain quota anyway, and once the limit is reached you cannot upload any more images. (Please also don't spend your whole quota on screenshots.)

When trying out compression levels, you will see when loss becomes visible in an image and when not. Some images can easily be reduced to 50k while others will need at least 200k to look good, this also depends on the size of the image of course.

Photoshop users will find that a jpg compression of 7 or 8 will work most of the time.

Images should be in .jpg, .gif or .png file format.

Once your image has a reasonable size, you may upload it.
Click on "Add images"
Select the file from your hard disc drive.
In the field below pick your album.
Name and description may be whatever you like.
When adding tags, please choose something that makes sense; e.g. "motorbike" when the image shows Lara with the bike. ("Lara Croft" is not a good tag, as all images should be about Lara.)

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