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Story (13) Midnight Visit

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Sunday, March 1st 2009, 7:45pm

Midnight Visit

by Neil Burns (Neilcroy)

PG/T (Rish?)

It was a warm rainy night and Alex West was awakened by a loud crash of thunder. As he stirred,
he realized that he was immoblized and the he could no talk. As he struggled to move, the light
turned on. Turning to the mirror, he was shocked to find the covers were removed, revealing
that he was wearing MIAMI UNIVERSITY boxers, and that he was tied to the bed and tape-
gagged. A low throaty laugh caught his attention and standing by the lighswitch, her athletic,
voluptous body poured into a skintight black rubber footed catsuit, features set in an extremely
smug grin of a canary-eating cat was one Lady Lara Croft.

"Oh, Mr. West!" she cooed in a perfect Southern accent. "I am just your biggest fan! Would y'all
be a dear and sign this lovely steaming pile of bullshit you wrote?"

As Alex's indignant protests were muffled by the duct tape, the Tomb Raider mockingly placed
one finger on her lip as if thinking.

"Oh, I almost forgot." her voice resumed its familiar posh Buckhamshire accent. "I am using the
pages to line my new cat's litterbox. The only appropriate place for it. Of course, I suppose I
could use it for reading material in the loo or at least use the pages to wipe my arse."

Lara walked over to the bed, rubber-encased feet padding silently across the floor, and mounted
the tied-up Raider, nestling her bottom on top of and into his groin, rubbing it teasingly.

"Mmmm. You look so YUMMY tied up and helpless," she purred as she leaned over with her arms
folded on his chest, her face inches from his. I could just eat you all up."

A contented purr tickled Alex's ears as his captor ran a finger up and down his cheek.

"Alexander Jonathan West, whatever are we going to do with you? I thought we had something.
I give you my love and next thing I know, you're shacking up with another bimbo as well as
taking credit for digs I have discovered and artifacts I have found. I said time and time again
that if you cross me, we can't remain friends. Yet, you insist on doing just that. Why?"

Lara stroked Alex's cheek before slapping it hard as the tied up Raider gave a muffled bark
of shock and hurt. Her eyes blazed and her voice was ice.

"Tell me, Alex. What exactly am I to you? What? Do I mean something to you? Did our
time together have any significance or am I just another fucktoy to you? Just some pretty
plaything to amuse yourself with and discard when you are bored?"

Lara regarded the bound Raider for a moment as she mentally reminisced about seeing his
novel A RAIDER'S LIFE in the bookstore and scanning through it, growing angrier and angrier
as it told of Alex's rise to glory in prominence in the Archeology world and all the sites he
explored and artifacts he discovered. Of course, he did not mention that a lot of the sites
Lara had visited and that his "discoveries" were actually stolen and sold to the highest
buyer, thus affording him a rather comfortable living. What galled Lara the most was seeing
Alex on ARCHEOLOGY KIDS, a program to encourage future explorers, lying about his finds.

"Tell me, Alex," Lara frostily demanded. "How stupid do you think people are? Do you really
think they buy this BULLSHIT about you being the second coming of Indiana Jones? And lying
to those children when they look up to you is bloody unspeakable! Now you write that you have
visited the temple of Princess Xi Laulin and have discovered her funeral mask. We know I found
it and you stole it from my hotel room in Munich. Tell me, what is Simon Powell paying you to
give it to him?

Alex struggled as his pleas and arguments were unreadable due to the duct tape. Lara sat there,
then a cruel smile curved her lips as she began to slowly and deliberately rub her bottom against
Alex's groin, cooing in sadistic delight while he let out a soft moan. Back and forth and back and
forth, the rubber glided against the boxer's material and what lay beneath.

"Of course," Lara purred as she continued to torture and tease said area, "if you told me where the
mask is and how much Powell is paying you, I might forgive you. Also, you could write a retraction
saying the book is complete bollocks as well as apologize for lying to your adoring public."

Alex angrily protested that he would do no such thing. Lara smiled as she patted cheek and kissed
it. She then removed a large commando-style knife from her ever-present gunbelt and cut the
ropes tied around the other Raider's right hand. She held it as she placed it on his chest.

"Now, I am leaving the knife for you to release yourself, but not until I leave. I am trusting you,
though God knows why. Just so you know I still haven't forgiven you for the prayer wheels, but I
am over them. You are a good man, Alex. I just wish you would make more intelligent decisions
that don't involve your getting paid and fuck all to everyone else."

Lara released Alex's hand and got off the bed. She walked to the door with her eyes locked onto
the other Raider. A soft smile decorated her aristocratic features.

"The chapter about me was very flattering," she purred. "I suppose we do have a like/hate
relationship. Good night, Alex. I'll see you around."

She blew him a kiss and left. Alex waited a few minutes before cutting himself free, cursing
and vowing revenge for his humiliation. He ran into the den and stopped short, seeing the
safe empty. As he walked over, he saw a note and a check for fifteen million dollars. More
than Powell paid to have him acquire the mask. Alex didn't even bother with the note, as
he knew that Lara must have stolen the mask back from him. He simply punched a number
on his cellphone and left a message on Powell's voicemail before going back to bed.

"Enjoy your little laugh, Croft," he smiled to himself, "but remember. Payback's a bitch."


ta-daa. a little something for those who might fantasize such an evening. comments are
welcome. enjoy. :sun: :grins
Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmare, son, while you're resting your head.--


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Monday, March 2nd 2009, 11:29am

Lara seems a bit out of character, but I liked it nevertheless :-) Poor Alex, though he really deserves it [hehe]
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