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Friday, June 27th 2003, 4:05pm

Strahov Fortress

I am at the part where you need to get Lara over a barbed wire fence using some boxes and a pipe hanging on the ceiling. I am able to grab the pipe, but then she dies when I try to tuck up my feet. I also have tried moving the boxes around using the other two on the floor as well. Any suggestions?? thanks




Monday, June 30th 2003, 10:10am

you forget ?

you didnt jurn the steam valve off .. hint double boxes help for an vent like the one you jumped on when entering the level


Thursday, July 3rd 2003, 4:35pm

Angel of Darkness- STRAHOV FORTRESS

When in the strahov fortress, before you go to push the two stacked blocks over to the vent to turn off the gauge thingy so you can climb the bar over the fence, where do you go to get the strength needed to push the blocks?



Thursday, July 3rd 2003, 7:20pm

How did you get the strength to move the two boxes though, i cant figure that out, i cant move the boxes over to the vent thing.


Friday, July 4th 2003, 1:09pm

Angel of Darkness - obscura engravings - should i have them

according to the cut sceens and notes it sounds as if i should have all five engravings by now (start of strahov fortress) but i only have the most recent - i didn't find any in von croy's apartment even though that was apparently the reason for going there. i assume that, as the game let me continue without them, i don't need/i wasn't meant to find them there - its just that the cutsceens make it sound like i should have them and i'm worried about going on too far only to have to start again from scratch. could someone tell me if i should have them?



Sunday, July 6th 2003, 5:49pm

When at the gate (with the dogs on the other side) you have to push the top box. You''ll have to push the two other boxes on the ground to. Then you will be strong enough to push two crates.

Guest 2



Monday, July 7th 2003, 5:01am

I beat the game and I didn't do anything to get them, well I actually I couldn't get them cause I tries to use the X-ray machine in the Louve and it didn't work..


Lara Croft

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Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 1:40pm

I didn't get them either. I jsut got the one painting itself in Hall of Seasons which was taken ... and the copy which Vasiley had ...

Wht do you mean by x-rax machine in the louvre? are you talking about the one at the archeaological dig? the one where you are supposed to get one of the symbols you will need for the door? Or did I miss something?


Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 8:00pm

Angel of Darkness - strahov fortress?

Im just in the third hall after the door you need the ID-Card from one of the guards.
I killed the two guards there, walking around on the platform.
But i cannot shoot the third guard who stay a bit higher in a small door!
I cannot climb the ladder up to him, because he shoot me down immediately.
But there is also no chance to climb the other ladder at the side down, because something schoot me there too!

What i had to do there???


Lara Croft

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Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 8:02pm

Shoot the guy up there from the distance, that worked for me.


Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 8:07pm

I tried this but i dont found out any position.

Krimson Flux



Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 8:09pm

climb the ladder about 1/2-3/4 of the way so that he doesnt notice u & wait until he turns & walks toward the control panel, then climb up and enter stealth mode immediately....take him down


Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 8:13pm

I tried this too,
but he stay there and dont walk away!
Sometimes he fired and fired olthough there was no chance to hit me.

krimson flux



Tuesday, July 8th 2003, 8:19pm

that level takes a lot of patience if ur taking out all of the guards. try that




Thursday, July 10th 2003, 6:16pm

kung fu

try to clib the ladder when he turns back then kick him manualy




Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 3:50pm

im still stuck tho

i still cant do it. u say i have to push all those boxes includeing the top one. How do i do that. im not strong enuf to pull or push those two stacked boxes and no matter how many boxes i move on the other side of the room ( next to the dogs ) i still dont get you useual message "i feel stronger now".

im getting well annoyed with it :ouch:




Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 4:11pm

Angel of Darkness- STRAHOV FORTRESS

Can't get her to say I'm strong enough either!!!! Although have found a way through the fence but can't get any further because gas is not turned off???



Tuesday, July 15th 2003, 6:07pm

Re: Angel of Darkness- STRAHOV FORTRESS

you have to push the two boxes that are in front off the gate to the opposite side climb up and turn off the gas


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Wednesday, July 16th 2003, 6:39pm

Starov Fortress

Im stuck, when you are in the equipment area and you need an upgrade to turn the steam of to get over i found out you move the boxes and nothing happens can u hel[ :ouch:


Lara Croft

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Wednesday, July 16th 2003, 7:09pm

You have to move to crate on top towards the fence. That's a lot of moving you have to do before you can move to top crate.