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Friday, November 2nd 2007, 12:25pm

So I sent the questions to somebody who worked on the TRAE myself and got the answers today:

Sorry, for stealing your time again.

But there are some more questions from me and some other people :D:

-Were you going to include Croft Manor? If so was it already finished?

Yes, but it wasn't quite finished when the game was canned.

-Was Croft Manor "only" a tutorial-level as in the old games or was it a single level like in the new games (Legend/Anniversary)?

I think it was just a tutorial level.

-Was the secret-system the same as in the original?


-Were you going to include cut-out things from TR1 as unlockables?

Not sure about that one.

-How many polygons did Lara have in Core's AE?

Not sure sorry.

-Did dead enemies become invisible?


-Were some parts of the Soundtrack already finished?

Not sure, I don't think so.

-Was there a special stealth-mode like in AoD?


-Did Lara have the ability to sprint?


-Were there cut-out animations from AoD in the AE?

Not sure, I don't think so.

-We saw an animation-clip with a huge spider, killing Lara. There are some rumours that this animation is from a planned TR2-Remake. Is this truth?

The spider anim was done by Phil Chapman just for Core's AE.

-Did you add any cutscenes which weren't in the original (like the T-Rex-Cutscene)?

Yes. Can't remember them though, I know there was a rock fall cut-scene at one point.

-How was the multiplayer mode made? What was the system behind it?

It was still being considered at the time but there were ideas for a co-op where two people where needed to reach levers and pull them together. Also a head to head mode where you tried to get to a treasure item first and you could hinder your openent by triggering traps on their others route.

-Were you also able to play with Melissa Croft outside the multiplayer mode?

Not sure. Maybe after finishing the game with Lara.

-Did Melissa Croft have a background-story?

Yes, again this was Designer-side though so I can't recall it.

-We know that she would've been a cousin of Lara but was there something like a cutscene at the beginning of the multiplayer mode that introduced her?

It was in the works I think.

-Would there have been a bonus level as a reward for collecting secrets?

I don't think so.

-Was the original TR1 going to be selled with the TRAE (perhaps as a Special Edition)?

No. I don't think we had time to get the original working properly on the PSP.

-Did you want to remake the Unfinished Business levels, too?

No, I don't think we had the time.

-What were there for weapons in the TRAE?

I think they were the same as the original.

-Did Lara have flares?


-What was the savesystem like?

Not sure, it wasn't implemented at that time.

- Did you have to kill the T-Rex to continue playing? Or did you have the choice to kill him or run away and continue playing without killing him. And did the raptores also attack the T-Rex like in TR3?

You had to kill the T-Rex to get out of the valley, I can't remember if they attacked it in the game though.

PS: How is your texture-search going? Sorry. But I just can't wait to know and see more from this awesome game. :).

I've not found the textures yet but hopefully I'll come across them in the next few days.

Somebody from a German/English TR-forum wanted to tell you this:

At last I want to say a few words: You´ve done a great job on TR;everytime... I love TR AoD and it´s sad you can´t continue this story and you didn´t have enough time for the game... And I think it´s a shame of EIDOS not telling you about Crystal making their own Anniversary... I just wanted to say this some day...

Thanks, that's nice to know. I wasn't part of the original TR team but I know some of them would liked to have continued on with Lara.

Lara Raider


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Friday, November 2nd 2007, 10:09pm

But well that would be illegal.

Of course.

But i really would love to see TRAE.
The pics and info i've seen - and with this interview - i think it was promissing :D
one of many tomb raider fans - lara raider

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  • "Cheetah" started this thread

Posts: 606

Location: Germany

TR Platforms: PC PS3

Currently Playing: Assassin's Creed (PC)

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Sunday, November 4th 2007, 2:43pm

Perhaps you already saw the link I posted, but if not, her is more information about it:

PS: If you want to have more screens (and some vids) from it just PM me ;) .

You won't believe it!

Here are original textures from Core's Anniversary Edition by Carl Yellott-Bilby:

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