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The Golden Mask Kingdom


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Thursday, September 16th 2004, 2:44am


I'm near the end and I can't find secret #3. Can you show me where the ladder is or how to get to secret three.
"Lower Part of the Jungle
Make a running jump onto the elevated golden platform between the trees.
Secret 3:
This is a nasty one. You might have heard the sound of a trapdoor opening. This trapdoor is timed and around the corner on the right. Have a look at it so you have a good idea of where you are going. Go back to the beginning of this section and quickly run towards the open door. Drop down to find that the ground below is perfectly safe. Follow the passage and climb up. Also climb up the ladder at the end. When you reach the passage on your right, backflip onto the platform behind you. Climb up onto the red part. Now a lot of difficult jumps will follow.

Click to see full size:

- Slide down to the left onto the platform number (1).
- From here take a running jump across the first waterfall to platform number (2).
- The next save spot is a bit below you. Position in the middle of platform 2 and take a standing jump onto platform (3).
- Two platforms lower is another save spot. You have to jump there. If you slide you will slide sideways into the molten gold. From the upper part of platform 3 take a standing jump onto platform (4).
- Now you have to cross the next stream. A bit to your right is a higher platform (5) on which you can stand. Take a running jump to get there. Do not try to grab the ledge.
- Look up the hill. Two blocks higher is another save platform. Stand on the highest edge of platform 5 and take a standing jump onto platform (6).
- Turn slightly left and jump onto the next save spot (7) two squares up and one to the left.
- Now turn toward the slide on the left end. Jump onto it and slide down onto platform (8).
-From here take a running jump towards the waterfall. (9) The wall will break and you can step through.

Look at the ceiling. There are solid looking platforms around. Each square underneath a solid platform is safe. Run in a straight line towards the flares and pick them up. A leopard will attack. Take him out without stepping into any molten gold. There are two save spots in the area on the left. Take a running jump onto the first spot. Then a standing jump onto the second further on the left. Turn left to see an alcove with the golden skull. Take a running jump to get there and collect the Golden Skull. Jump back the way you came. Now run in a straight line towards the small medipack. Collect it and run into the adjacent chamber. Run up the stairs and step out through the open door. Slide down onto the platform where you have been before. Jump across the waterfall to the next save spot. Climb up onto the next block and further up to the left. In the right corner you can find a slide. On the short ramp jump to the left to slide backwards down the second one. Grad the ledge at the end and let go. Slide further down to end up back on the golden platform where you found the shotguns shells. Again running jump onto the higher platform."- tombraidergirl

I have no idea where the safe spot is. Can you please show me????? I'm trying to get all the serets so that I can play the bonus level.
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Thursday, September 16th 2004, 9:31am

You left out the most important bit: (click on it for full size)

Where's the problem there? At which number ar you stuck?