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Friday, March 1st 2013, 11:29am

Welcome 3ukz.

There is nothing to add to The Poet's answer. (I have moved the question to a more appropriate thread.)


Friday, August 2nd 2013, 8:27pm

Might not be a general question, but I'll post it here...

Hello! :wave2

I've been adding images and editing quite a lot recently, and I ran to a small mystery while uploading images of the Oni enemies.

Are these guys also Oni? They're encountered alongside of the big, more demon-like enemies, but these guys seem more human-like. I don't have an image of it, but I remember that after shooting that helmet off, there's a pretty non-demonic dude underneath all that. These guys look nothing like the Oni Stalkers or Oni Warriors. (see images on the Oni article on WikiRaider)

Any thoughts/facts?


Wednesday, February 26th 2014, 7:03pm

Another question, after 207 days! [hehe]

And sorry for replying to my own post. :shy:

I've updated the Gail Simone article on WikiRaider, because of the new comic book being published. But then I ran across to a problem: what name should be given to the new comic book article? "Tomb Raider #1" redirects to the article about the original TR game, as the title doesn't seem to care about the # -sign. Some sort of a sub-title seems to bee "Survivor's Guilt!", according to this - I'm not sure as I haven't read the comic.

Maybe I'll leave this to be solved by more experienced WikiRaider users... :chin