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Thursday, January 31st 2013, 5:05pm

New Comic Series from Dark Horse

Alongside the game a new comic series will be launched:…ring-lara-croft

What do you think about it?


Sunday, February 3rd 2013, 10:29am

Sounds good to me. :thumbsup Maybe now I could find the time to read TR comics, since I missed the previous ones... I wonder what will be the "drawing style" of the comics. :chin I hope the drawing would be sort of a traditional style, like Andy Park's style for example. :-)

But there's something "wrong" in that "cover image" in displayed in the Tomb Raider Blog's article, but I can't figure out what. Maybe it seems to CGI? I don't know...

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Wednesday, January 29th 2014, 8:07pm

I have just uploaded the cover arts of the first three issues of the new Dark Horse comics to the gallery: Dark Horse Tomb Raider Comics
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