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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 10:01am

Your fondest memories of Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider games have come a long way. From the very first one released in 1996 to the upcoming rebooted game, not forgetting the digtal experience Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. The brand also includes comics and other collectibles and movies.

So, what are your fondest memories of Tomb Raider? It can be anything from playing a Tomb Raider game for the first time to seeing Angelina Jolie potray Lara Croft. Or did the news about rebooting Tomb Raider catch your eye? Here you can share your memories and discuss about them. :-)

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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 12:43pm

Back in the first year when I was living with trg, I had to go and get my mother back from her vacation in Denmark, as she herself does not drive and my father had to get back to work. So I was stuck in typical Danish summer weather (rain, rain, rain) for two weeks and with my mother instead of my girlfriend i was missing so much. So far, not a memory to be fond of! ;-)

BUT trg had given me her TR2 CD and I had my old laptop with me, so I played TR2 over and over again these two weeks. I wasn't much of a TR fan back then, but that got me hooked! ;-) And it reminded me that there was someone waiting for me back home, so it made everything so much easier.
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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 8:16pm

--> When I realised, that there are thousands of Tomb Raider Levels, built by the fans. I knew about the Level Editor, but I never knew it was such a huge success! One of the best things Core did!


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Monday, January 10th 2011, 2:16pm

I have many fond memories. But the earliest are probably the fondest. For me that would be Tomb Raider 2 as well. I bought 1 and 2 almost simultaneously (one week between them 2nd one first). But TR2 somehow won, because it was soo much more colourful and interesting. There are parts exploring the sunken ship stuck to my mind (swandiving into the water besides the ship) ... climbing on the roofs in Venice. Trying the corner bug for the first time.

Then I have quite a few memories of chasing down any kinds of merchandise... buying everything on Tomb Raider at Forbidden Planet in London. But I also have fond memories of playing Tomb Raider Legend. It started a new era of Tomb Raider gaming...


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Monday, January 10th 2011, 8:55pm

I think my fondest are of playing Tomb Raider for the first time, on a Playstation. I so enjoyed the sense of isolation and wonder.


Saturday, January 15th 2011, 7:16pm

I remember how my dad was playing the first Tomb Raider in the late 90's. The game looked awesome and it didn't take long before I started playing it. :-)
I've had numerous dear moments with the Tomb Raider games: discovering the all weapons cheat in Tomb Raider III and feeling a lot safer when armed with an MP5, being astonished by the mysterious atmosphere in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation... Of course, since those aren't all of the games I've played, I'll tell my other memories later. ;-)



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Monday, January 31st 2011, 2:42pm

I member when i got Tomb raider 4, I played it all the time, but i was only 7-8 and only could ever do the first level LOL i got a poster that day, it was a lara croft one, my sister had a s club 7 one, she drew a hitler tash on my poster >_< so i ended up ripping hers up. then my dad came upstairs to play the game with me, and we were trying to get to the blue area bit in the second level (the flying spikes) took us weeks. then he got there and we saw the spikes and died. :/ Ouch... LOL still love tomb raider to this day aha,

Another time i was playing AOD. and i was too scared the jump down in the tomb of accicents (sorry lack of spelling) so my sister, who aint too fond of tomb raider grabbed the controllers and killed the skeleton guard, me and my baby brother were like O_O LOL



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Tuesday, February 8th 2011, 9:54pm

i used always play tomb raider 2 when i was young thata game was ace :rofl
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Tuesday, March 1st 2011, 1:51pm

Another memory of mine:
While playing TRII's demo version I enjoyed going around the Venice level with the amazing motorboat. And realizing how the chandeliers in Baritoli's Hideout are climbable was one special moment too. I had been running around and wondering what to do for a long time before I knew that! :rofl



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Tuesday, March 1st 2011, 2:01pm

I also remember on TR5 streets of rome, I can remember i just found out how to control Lara on the tightrope and i just shoot off Larson LOL. then when i got to the other side i started blasting my guns because i thought Larson was around the corner...He werent.. i felt really silly... i kept my guns out because the music freaked me out abit LOL.....



Tuesday, March 1st 2011, 2:16pm

Seeing this for the first time in Tomb Raider Chronicles:

The opera part (starts at 0:43) is just pure amazingness... Even when wearing an evening gown she hasn't lost her edgyness and recklessness. :thumbsup
Just pure amazingness, the cinematic is a classic! :D


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Tuesday, June 14th 2011, 8:08am

The best memory for me was redoing the first level in Tomb Raider 2 over and over again because I was too scared to go to the second level hahaha. Good times.