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London City


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Monday, July 15th 2002, 12:29pm


i cant get past the lady in the beginning of the city.i have reached the top floor just below the is very frustrating.please help.


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Monday, July 15th 2002, 3:24pm

You have to climb all the way up while trying to avoid the energy bolts. Take some medipacks on your way up. You have to find a powerplug on the left side (facing the other side of the road) and shoot it. Sophia will be hit by electricity.


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Friday, February 10th 2006, 3:26pm

I couldn't beat that level either, for a long time, I have tried shoot her with the rocket launcher but she wouldn't die! Then i tried to get to the top and i found something eletrical. This electrified her. But then i went on the same ramp and got shocked too. lol. But i beat it right after.
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Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 2:37pm

London City Electricy aktivitate

Hey Please help me, i'm in London City and i can't acitivate the Electricy...what should i do?

Thanks for helping


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Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 3:12pm

Done -.-

after i did go all the way from the beginning again I could shoot the electricy with guns