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VCI Headquarters 13th Floor


Thursday, August 21st 2003, 3:01pm

13th Floor

can u show me where to stand to put it on that dangerous guy?if possible picture??i have tried everything but unsuccestful...please help........


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Tuesday, January 6th 2004, 2:23pm

You have to stand right behind his back. If it's not working get one step closer.


Saturday, October 9th 2004, 6:51pm

Chronicles - The 13th Floor

:ouch: PLEASE HELP!! Are there any screenshots for the 13th floor where Lara has to jump between the two lasers to get to the ladder after the 1st secret? I have tried and tried and no matter which way I do it, she gets killed. She once got cut by the lower laser and made it to the ladder, climbed halfway up, and the upper laser swiped her foot, and she died anyway! Since then, I have not been able to get even that far again. :ouch:


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Tuesday, July 12th 2005, 8:26pm

Have you tried look at walkthroughts????? I think that tombraidergirl has screenshots of it but i'm not sure.
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