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Wednesday, August 6th 2003, 11:58pm

Author: Lee Stockfelt

TR4, PC, City of the Dead, control problem

This is the first level that uses the motorcycle. I've tried all the controls and the only one that doesn't work is the dismount key, "END." I can't get Lara off the darn cycle. Please help.

Wednesday, August 6th 2003, 11:51pm

Author: Lee Stockfelt

TR4 - problem shooting object on floor

It's possible that you can shoot "low" objects by kneeling down; use the . key, then shoot. Lara doesn't have to look down then.

Wednesday, August 6th 2003, 12:46am

Author: Lee Stockfelt


Your tip made me feel stupid. I tried to make it more complicated than it really was. Thanks again.

Monday, August 4th 2003, 5:48pm

Author: Lee Stockfelt

Last Revelation - Lost Library

I followed the walkthrough suggestion of turning on the first serpent in front, then moving around to left, but can't for the life of me get all serpents burning. What's the secret to the puzzle?