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Friday, November 28th 2003, 8:08pm

Author: girlgirl

Underneath the Sphinx

have just locked away the bulls, done the combination AIQ and the gate at the west end opens (not the east). Ran through (the door didn't close) - jumped over the pits to the place where you can see the coloured shafts shot the bats went back to the AIQ stones and none of the combinations work. Have read the walk-thro but can't see any solutions. Can you suggest anything?? thanks

Wednesday, October 8th 2003, 12:39am

Author: girlgirl

The Lost Library

thanks....but i have been swimming around so much my fingers are getting pickled. When I swim down into the big chamber the only other tunnel takes me through to where the other trap door is. I am swimming round in circles and can see no exit out of the water apart from the other trap door place where there are no stars.....two stars aren't too much to ask for are they?

Saturday, October 4th 2003, 1:29am

Author: girlgirl

Last Revelation - Lost Library

i am in the globe room, but only have one star so i can't get the other globes out... how can i get the other two?? thanks