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Wednesday, November 11th 2009, 2:33pm

Author: Lady Mila


hello and welcome...

Friday, November 6th 2009, 9:44pm

Author: Lady Mila

New Lady in forum...


Friday, November 6th 2009, 9:36pm

Author: Lady Mila

U think they should make Tomb Raider a TV series?

That will be great idea! To see Lara always with new adventures...

Friday, November 6th 2009, 9:30pm

Author: Lady Mila

Cradle of Life - Lara's Outfit

At first...the bikini costume is great and the diving too! But the jacket with tiger on the back was desapointing...

Friday, November 6th 2009, 9:23pm

Author: Lady Mila

Top 10 Actresses to Replace Angelina Jolie in TR3

I would say Angielina to come back for the role...she is the ONE!! ...but when I heard that Megan is possible to take the role...then I think:"not bad"...but....Angie is Lara to me...always!!

Friday, November 6th 2009, 9:08pm

Author: Lady Mila

Your favourite TV Show(s)

I always want to watch "Friends" they are funny...they always make me laugh.. ...and I like the "House" creepy doctor and funny..

Thursday, November 5th 2009, 10:38am

Author: Lady Mila

New Lady in forum...

Well...what can I say...I'm new here - HELLO TO EVERYONE! : I hope we can have great fun and to hangout here... :

Friday, October 16th 2009, 6:11pm

Author: Lady Mila

Gaming Small Talk

Now I play Tomb Raider 1 or 2 but I would recommend Bloodrayne 2 - Rayne is great like Lara, but bloody

Friday, October 16th 2009, 6:05pm

Author: Lady Mila

Lara's Home

One of my fav part of the game is the Croft Manor (Lara's House) I injoy in her house..

Friday, October 16th 2009, 5:58pm

Author: Lady Mila

The Hall of Seasons

I hate the Hall Of's my hard part to play...espeacally The Red Ghost