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Monday, December 2nd 2002, 5:10pm

Author: Dizzy

TR Angel...

Does anybody know why on earth they delayed the angel of darkness? I was really looking forward to that! Well, I have to say that tr 4 is the best because i am into the egypt thing and i really liked the von croy episodes and the graphics were really cool. I didn't like chronicles much because of Gallows tree-no weapons and those creepy imps ...scared me for a while!!!!

Wednesday, September 25th 2002, 8:39pm

Author: Dizzy

Indiana Jones

Hey-Imma big fan of Indy and I wondered if you've tried Indiana Jones and the Infernal's pretty much just like tomb raider except it has nazis! (and one hot guy of course!) Just wonderin if you've tried that one yet!

Tuesday, September 24th 2002, 8:47pm

Author: Dizzy

What's your favourite game? (TR1-6)

Ummm...doesn't Angel of Darkness come out this November?! I love tr revelation-I'm into the whole Egypt thing w/Set and Horus and stuffins! I think I would like Chronicles if I could beat the very end-I wanna know what happens!

Tuesday, September 24th 2002, 8:35pm

Author: Dizzy

Savegames for Chronicles

I didn't mean that in a mean way-I thought it meant it would load the games in a few seconds...sorry if I upset you!

Sunday, September 22nd 2002, 4:12pm

Author: Dizzy

Savegames for Chronicles

I went to the savegames:Chronicles...when I go there, it says Remark: Savegames will follow shortly...Ummm...the savegames never follow-is there something wrong w/my comp or do you just not have savegames there?

Sunday, September 22nd 2002, 4:10pm

Author: Dizzy

downloading tombofvikings

Ok, when I try to download it, it goes to winzip so then I have a to I do after that (I already checked the instructions and you have nothing about a winzip file). Will I still be able to play the game????