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Saturday, July 1st 2006, 10:00pm

Author: Mutt

Legend Cheats

That is a Vampire blade from another video game series call Legacy of Khain. It sucks souls.

Saturday, July 1st 2006, 5:44pm

Author: Mutt

3rd Level: Japan (Takamoto)

By the time I ran out of rifle ammo his health was over half gone. With the pistols I waited behind a statue for him to come to a stop. When he did it was usually behind another statue and then I ran out and tried to keep his statue between him and Lara as long as possible so I could get close without being attacked. As soon as I had a red target I fired like there was no tomorrow. When I finally killed him I was only a couple of feet away. But really the timing is 90%

Saturday, July 1st 2006, 1:03am

Author: Mutt

Timing IS everything!

I beat Takamoto on HARD with no additional medpacks, after about two days of trying. The keys for me were: 1) Combat lock on mode. L-1 This is essential for camera control and works well, don't ever let go. 2) I used the rifle on him until it was empty, then the pistols. 3) Keep moving, with combat lock on I continously ran at him. and last but not least... 4) Timing! This was the hardest thing to nail down. The problem with dodging or jumping the energy bands is that it was very difficult (for ...